What’s the solution?

I am one of you guys, a regular person who loves his birth place and the place I was born in is called Pakistan. It’s a beautiful country of 180 Million people, it has some of the most astounding landscapes and the most beautiful cultures in the world, it is a unique country in terms of the variety of landscapes it holds in it’s boundaries, it stretches from the roof of the world (Himalaya ranges) to the warm waters of Arabian sea (Indian Ocean),  it has world’s largest irrigation systems, Cholistan desert, mountains of all colours and shades which are full of natural resources, large deposits of natural resources like Gem stones, Gold, Copper, Natural Gas, Milestone petroleum, salt, coal, iron and many other large deposits in it, it has a vibrant human resource, world’s ninth largest English speaking population, it has the seventh largest pool of doctors and engineers,  63% of it’s total population is under 25 years of age which means the country is full of resources but sadly yet impoverish, which puts a big question mark on our systems and society, at this point in the history we should realize and own the problems that we have before moving towards any solution, I am just one of those who are gravely concerned about the ongoing situation of our beautiful motherland, which I believe is one of the greatest nations of the world.

I have been thinking of the ongoing situation of Pakistan and will like to suggest a multi-layered solution approach which need to be adopted in Pakistan sooner than later as otherwise our future generations will not spare us or God forbidden we might not even have a future at all.

Before discussing  the solutions first we need to identify the problems. To me the mother of all problems at the moment is lack of leadership, direction and vision.

In today’s sorry situation when our economy is in tatters, currency at the weakest, power production is just a fraction of what is required,  the security situation is distorted with a civil war like situation, with enemy’s invasion in our country both in the shape of drone by US and suicide bomb blasts of the extremists, radicalized trends in the society which has produced incidents like Lal Masjid, Swat and Malakand situation and assassination of Salman Taseer, intolerance incidences like Sialkot lynching, Mukhtara Mai and Ranger’s involvement in the cold blooded killing of citizen.

As a nation we have already hit the rock bottom, nothing can be worst then this but as a nation we need to get united and to agree upon a plan to come out of the problems that we currently have.

Primarily we have to make sure that the people we elect should be the best amongst us, we should have people of good repute and education to lead the nation, the next government should be of technocrats who are experts in there fields, not a corrupt politician with a filthy past and a fake degree.

The assembly should pass a resolution which should ask political parties to conduct in party reforms by inducting or selecting people with a proven education and experience in their respective ministries.

As only people of good repute and education can ask US to leave the country and to convince them to wrap up it’s drone attack and Raymond Davis kind of operations on our soil as they are of no help and can only pile the heap of our miseries.

The government with NGOs and friendly countries like china and turkey should invest in the future of the nation by reforming it’s public schools, colleges and universities, all the top universities schools and colleges should be encouraged to open their branches in the rural and tribal areas.

All the foreign aid offers should be declined and the government should demand to halt or a reduction in the debt servicing for at least 20 years, in which there should be a ban on any kind of loan from IMF, World Bank or any other financial institute.

We should adopt a friendly policy toward our neighbouring countries and should revisit our policies towards India and Afghanistan as well, as we can only focus on our development once we get out of such kind of rivalries with our neighbouring countries.

We should also control our population and should impose a law in order to discourage people from having a family of more then 4.

We should have a full database of population in our country with matching DNA database and a full control of our borders specially the one which we share with Afghanistan.

After all what has been happening in my country I am still proud to be a Pakistan and as love knows no conditions so my love for my country is unconditional as well, I just want it to become one of the most progressing countries and want to see the change before I hit my bucket.

We should not just wait for a just and fair government to come by itself and solve our problems but should start solving problems ourselves.


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