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Pakistan, the heaven on earth

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Commonalities and differences determine the love and hatred, there are approximately 6.5 Billion Human being inhabiting the only living planet that is called earth, not a single person exactly matches any other person in the whole wide world, and we all have our individuality that make each person distinct from the others.

God has made us humans from one father and one mother, Adam and Eves, we have different races, skin tones, languages, dialects, ethnicity  cultures, tribes, religions, sects, professions, social status, beliefs, political affiliations etc etc., which makes us distinct from any other person. The beauty of diversity in human culture is a result of combination of these elements, it’s great if we respect each other the way they are and get connected to others by finding the commonalities between ourselves and others, the world can only be a peaceful place by relating otherwise it can become hell.

Not even identical twins are totally the similar you can find a mole on the face of one of them and start hating him.

Look around the world that we are living in today, how much of hatred and killing is going on in the name of these difference. Let’s talk about our country now, in Pakistan there are people who will say that we are Pakistanis from the past 65 years, Muslim from a few hundred years but Punjabi, Pathan, Sindhi, Balochi, Saraiki, Kashmiri etc from thousands of year, there are others who will say that they are better as they belong to a particular religious belief, it’s not bad to be proud of being what you are, the problem begins when you start considering others inferior to you and hating them for what they are, why do we forget that God made us humans first, it’s important to become a human being rather than just wearing a title of a specific political, religious, national, linguistic identity.

To take Pakistan forward the people of this nation has to shed these petty differences and start respecting each others as humans, don’t worry about the believes of others as you will not be judged on their believes or acts, God will only question you about your own acts.

Look at the sorry state that we are in these days, our country is on the brink of collapse, there is a complete absence of harmony, respect among groups, institutions, different believes, our youth’s biggest pastime these days is to share hate material against their rivals in terms of politics, religions, sects, believes, even the jokes they share are against others, no matter it’s a video or audio clip, a picture, a thought, or a joke, it is meant to hurt others feeling in one way or other. We don’t just hate people of different backgrounds in Pakistan but also other nations and religions, we share our hateful thoughts not only in our social circles but on social forums like Tweeter, Facebook, Youtube etc.

God has bestowed His blessings on our country, we have the largest irrigational system which means there is no shortage of food and water, we have the most magnificent mountains which are full of minerals, be it desert, rivers, sea, mountains, glaciers, we have it all in our land. The only things that we don’t have are trust, peace, positivity and respect, which all come from education.

Can we all resort to make the heaven that God has given us to live an example of harmony and development for others to follow?

Let’s be better human beings and be respectful to others, let’s start it from ourselves, let’s begin it by applying these rules on us first as charity begins from home. Remember if we all do a little, we can do a lot!


What’s the solution?

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I am one of you guys, a regular person who loves his birth place and the place I was born in is called Pakistan. It’s a beautiful country of 180 Million people, it has some of the most astounding landscapes and the most beautiful cultures in the world, it is a unique country in terms of the variety of landscapes it holds in it’s boundaries, it stretches from the roof of the world (Himalaya ranges) to the warm waters of Arabian sea (Indian Ocean),  it has world’s largest irrigation systems, Cholistan desert, mountains of all colours and shades which are full of natural resources, large deposits of natural resources like Gem stones, Gold, Copper, Natural Gas, Milestone petroleum, salt, coal, iron and many other large deposits in it, it has a vibrant human resource, world’s ninth largest English speaking population, it has the seventh largest pool of doctors and engineers,  63% of it’s total population is under 25 years of age which means the country is full of resources but sadly yet impoverish, which puts a big question mark on our systems and society, at this point in the history we should realize and own the problems that we have before moving towards any solution, I am just one of those who are gravely concerned about the ongoing situation of our beautiful motherland, which I believe is one of the greatest nations of the world.

I have been thinking of the ongoing situation of Pakistan and will like to suggest a multi-layered solution approach which need to be adopted in Pakistan sooner than later as otherwise our future generations will not spare us or God forbidden we might not even have a future at all.

Before discussing  the solutions first we need to identify the problems. To me the mother of all problems at the moment is lack of leadership, direction and vision.

In today’s sorry situation when our economy is in tatters, currency at the weakest, power production is just a fraction of what is required,  the security situation is distorted with a civil war like situation, with enemy’s invasion in our country both in the shape of drone by US and suicide bomb blasts of the extremists, radicalized trends in the society which has produced incidents like Lal Masjid, Swat and Malakand situation and assassination of Salman Taseer, intolerance incidences like Sialkot lynching, Mukhtara Mai and Ranger’s involvement in the cold blooded killing of citizen.

As a nation we have already hit the rock bottom, nothing can be worst then this but as a nation we need to get united and to agree upon a plan to come out of the problems that we currently have.

Primarily we have to make sure that the people we elect should be the best amongst us, we should have people of good repute and education to lead the nation, the next government should be of technocrats who are experts in there fields, not a corrupt politician with a filthy past and a fake degree.

The assembly should pass a resolution which should ask political parties to conduct in party reforms by inducting or selecting people with a proven education and experience in their respective ministries.

As only people of good repute and education can ask US to leave the country and to convince them to wrap up it’s drone attack and Raymond Davis kind of operations on our soil as they are of no help and can only pile the heap of our miseries.

The government with NGOs and friendly countries like china and turkey should invest in the future of the nation by reforming it’s public schools, colleges and universities, all the top universities schools and colleges should be encouraged to open their branches in the rural and tribal areas.

All the foreign aid offers should be declined and the government should demand to halt or a reduction in the debt servicing for at least 20 years, in which there should be a ban on any kind of loan from IMF, World Bank or any other financial institute.

We should adopt a friendly policy toward our neighbouring countries and should revisit our policies towards India and Afghanistan as well, as we can only focus on our development once we get out of such kind of rivalries with our neighbouring countries.

We should also control our population and should impose a law in order to discourage people from having a family of more then 4.

We should have a full database of population in our country with matching DNA database and a full control of our borders specially the one which we share with Afghanistan.

After all what has been happening in my country I am still proud to be a Pakistan and as love knows no conditions so my love for my country is unconditional as well, I just want it to become one of the most progressing countries and want to see the change before I hit my bucket.

We should not just wait for a just and fair government to come by itself and solve our problems but should start solving problems ourselves.

Musharraf Bashing

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Musharraf bashing has suddenly acquired a renewed hype in the media -more in the electronic than the print – eversince he announced entering into Pakistan politics. The interested parties and their cronies are busy day and night in slinging mud upon him and his ‘dictatorial’ rule of nine years. Use of negative superlatives like “not at all”, “nothing what so ever”, “ruination of the entire economy” etc. are being used profusely, incorrectly and illogically more because of a fad than fact.. Ironically, some of the saner element, intellectuals and knowledgeable too have succumbed to the propaganda and lost sight of the realilty. No doubt Musharraf made mistakes – some blunders, but to say that nothing at all positive for Pakistan was achieved by him and his regime, is unfair.
Following are, therefore, just to recount some of his achievements:- (List is a little long but please DO read if you have the heart to know real facts and are blessed with a fair conscience)
Basic comparison of 1999 and 2007
Pak Economy in 1999 was: $ 63 billion
Pak Economy in 2007 is: $ 160 billion
GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 1999: $ 270 billion
GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 2007: $ 475.5 billion
GDP per Capita in 1999: $ 200
GDP per Capita in 2007: $ 1000
Pak revenue collection 1999: Rs. 305 billion
Pak revenue collection 2007/08: Rs. 1002 billion
Pak Foreign reserves in 1999: $ 700 million
Pak Foreign reserves in 2007: $ 17 billion
Pak Exports in 1999: $ 7.5 billion
Pak Exports in 2007: $ 18.5 billion
Textile Exports in 1999: $ 5.5 billion
Textile Exports in 2007: $ 11.2 billion
KHI stock exchange 1999: $ 5 billion at 700 points
KHI stock exchange 2007: $ 70 billion at 15,000 points
Foreign Direct Investment in 1999: $ 1 billion
Foreign Direct Investment in 2007: $ 8.5 billion
Debt servicing 1999: 65% of GDP Debt servicing 2007: 26% of GDP Poverty level in 1999: 34% Poverty level in 2007: 24%
Literacy rate in 1999: 45% Literacy rate in 2007: 53%
Pak Development programs 1999: Rs. 80 billion
Pak Development programs 2007: Rs. 520 billion
Under Musharraf\’s vision
1. 9 world class Engineering universities being developed and 18 Public universities already developed.
2. Public sector institutions have increased from 110,267 (in 1999) to Become Private sector institutions have increased from 36,096 (in 1999) to become 81,103 (in 2006).
3. PAK is 3rd best in world Banking profitability.
4. PAK IT industry now values around $2 billion, including $1 billion exports and employs around 90,000 professionals.
5. CNG sector has attracted over $70 billion investment in last 5 years; and created 45,000 jobs.
6. Telecom sector attracted around $10 billion in investment and created above 1.3 million jobs.
7. Industrial Parks are being setup throughout the country for the first time! M3 estate, Sunder industrial estate, Chakri, etc.
8. Major Mega projects like the Saindak, Rekodiq, Marble production, Coal production and Mining & Quarrying are being pursued.
9. In 2006, GDP growth is 6%. Earlier in 1999 was 3.5%.
10. Foreign Reserves from $700 million to $17 bn.
11. KHI stock market: from 700 points to 15,000 points. 12. Literacy rate improved by 11%.
13. Poverty decreased by 10%.
14. He made 4 dams: Mirani, Subakzai, Gomalzam, Khurram, Tangi dams. Biggest of them Bhasha Started 15. 7 Motorways completed or under construction: M1, M3,M4, M8, M9, M10, M11.
16. Six major highways under construction. 17. GWADAR advance mega Sea port developed under his vision! 18. 650 km Coastal highway constructed.
19. Historic 100% increase in Tax collection of Rs 1 trillion. 20. Large scale manufacturing is 30 year high, and Construction activity is 17 year high.
21. Newly found World class copper- gold deposits in Chagai will fetch $600million per year.
22. A new Oil refinery with UAE will fetch $5 billion & will process 300,000oil barrels a day.
23. Industrial sector registered 26% growth.
24. PAK in 1999 was a $63 billion economy; and now 2006 it\’s $160 billion economy! PAK economy is now the 3rd fastest growing economy after China & India . Education under Musharraf Era
25. In 1999-2000 there were 31 Public Universities. Now 2005- 2006 there are49 Public Universities. Under Musharraf 20 NEW UNIVERSITIES SET UP!
26. Air University (established 2002)
27. Institute of Space technology, ISB (established 2002) 28. Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University , Quetta (established 2004)
29. University of Science & Technology, Bannu (established 2005)
30. University of Hazara (founded 2002)
31. Malakand university, Chakdara (established 2002) 32. Malakand university, Chakdara (established 2002 33. University of Gujrat (established 2004)
34. Virtual University of Pak, Lahore (established 2002) 35. Sarhad University of IT, Peshawar (established 2001) 36. National Law University , ISB (2007)
37. Media University , ISB (2007) etc.
38. University of Education , Lahore (2002)
39. Lasbella University of Marine Sciences, Baluchistan (2005) 40. Baluchistan University of IT & Management, Quetta (2002), etc. Pakistan now has a total of 245,682 Educational institutions in all categories, including 164,579 (i.e. 67 percent) in the Public sector and 81,103 (i..e. 100 percent) in the private sector, reports the National Education Census (NEC-2005). The census — jointly conducted by the Ministry of Education, the Academy of Educational Planning and Management (AEPAM) and the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) – reveals that the number of private-sector institutions has increased from 36,096 in 1999-2000 to 81,103 in 2005, i.e. by 100 per cent. A record of more than 5000 Pakistani doing PhD\’s in foreign countries on scholarship While 300 PhD\’s are producing every year locally whose number was just 20 in 1999. This number will increase to 500 in 2008. Total 99,319 Educational Institutions (Public & Private) have increased in Musharraf era!

P.S. Kindly note it is not an effort to promote Musharraf for a come back. It is just to call a spade a spade. He MUST not come back, especially if he has to keep the company of ANY politicians (ANY politician). A pure and simple Presidential form of government would suit him if he can manage one some how. Neither is he (or any soldier) suited to this kind of mockery of a democracy nor is such a democracy suited to this country. The system must change and not, as they say, the faces only.

Why we are where we are

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N the middle of Karachi stands the concrete shell of a 30-storey building. This is the structure of the Hyatt Regency hotel started in the mid-seventies, and which has remained a building site since work was abandoned in 1977.

In a sense, this hulk is a metaphor for Pakistan: a state launched with much fanfare, enthusiasm and good intentions, but which can neither be completed nor pulled down.

Any state has a number of prerequisites to function effectively: settled borders; an accord on the measure of autonomy to be exercised by the federating units; the official language; and a broad consensus on the nature and direction of the state. Another element relates to national identity. Finally, any modern state must establish its monopoly on the use and means of violence.

As an artificially created entity, Pakistan was required to define and establish these parameters. Unfortunately, it failed to do so, largely because of the long delay in forging a consensus on the constitution, and partly because of the frequent military interventions that repeatedly eroded respect for the constitution and the rule of law. Poorly educated military dictators with no sense of history attempted to come up with half-baked concepts that have laid waste to the institutions we inherited from the British.

An early problem the new state faced was the issue of borders that were left undefined by the departing colonial power. Pakistani rulers have struggled with this question, opting for military confrontation instead of dialogue and discourse. It is true that our neighbours have not been very helpful in settling the matter. Pakistani militarists have driven our foreign and defence policies, arming to repel real and perceived dangers from abroad, while creating a Frankenstein’s monster that now threatens to devour us.

As a result of this single-issue agenda, money that should have been spent on education and health was diverted into the insatiable black hole of bloated military budgets. As our population has increased without check, millions of young people remain uneducated and unemployed. Filling the educational vacuum are the thousands of madressahs, many financed by Saudi Arabia, that do not equip students for careers in the modern world. There is thus a fertile breeding ground for the Taliban and their fellow extremists to recruit foot soldiers from.

The last six decades have amply demonstrated the difficulty inherent in building a national identity based solely on religion. Talk to any conservative Pakistani today, and he will assert that as Pakistan was created in the name of Islam, the Sharia should be the law of the land. It would be futile to point out that Jinnah visualised a secular state in which all Pakistanis would be equal citizens. This lofty vision would be scant comfort to the Sikh families who have had to flee their homes in the tribal areas because demands for jaziah, the old Muslim tax on non-Muslims, were made by de facto Taliban rulers.

In order to justify the partition of the subcontinent, rulers have resorted to bewildering mental contortions. Many have tried to move our roots to the Middle East from our true origins in South Asia. This confusion is reflected in school textbooks and the media. Thus, we have young people unsure of their past, and unable or unwilling to claim their rich cultural patrimony.

The insecurity caused by the wrenching experience of Partition has seen military and civilian rulers looking to the West for military and economic assistance. For years, these anti-Communist alliances made us feel stronger than we actually were. But they also isolated us, and when the balance of power began to shift against us, the army built up a force of extremists to further its agenda in Afghanistan and Kashmir. These are the militants who threaten our very survival today.

Instead of fighting them, the ruling elites continue their double game of playing footsie with the Taliban, while laying claim to billions in western aid. But the jihadis cannot be defeated with money alone: political will and a broad consensus backed by military might are needed. So far, there are few signs of any of this happening. While the Taliban walk into Buner and Dir after their uncontested victory in Swat, the army continues its policy of studied indifference, while the politicians play their power games.

The divisions in the ranks of Pakistani society over this threat are visible in the media. In a sense, this is the inevitable product of decades of brainwashing about the nature of the Pakistani state. Many people are confused about the issues underlying this crisis: having been told that Pakistan was created in the name of Islam, they are now being asked to accept that the real enemy is not Hindu India, but fanatics who want to impose their stone-age rule in the name of Islam.

Such contradictions cannot be easily resolved, especially in a deeply conservative society where illiteracy is rampant. When simple, poorly educated soldiers are warned by mullahs that they will not be accorded a Muslim burial if they fall fighting the Taliban, it is understandable that they should be reluctant to go into combat. Generations of army officers have been indoctrinated at military academies into believing that India is the real enemy. It is hard for them to face reality, and reorient our defence to the west.

Since Zia began promoting Wahabi madressahs across Pakistan in the eighties, we have faced bitter sectarian strife. Anti-Shia militias have been in the forefront of the jihad in Afghanistan and Kashmir, acquiring arms, training and large amounts of money in the process. These forces are now formally allied with the Taliban, and have presented their erstwhile handlers in our intelligence services with the difficult task of keeping them on our side, while simultaneously appearing to fight them.

In the long wish list prepared by the army for the Pentagon’s consideration, night-vision goggles are high in our priorities. Well-informed friends in Peshawar tell me that this equipment is on sale in the local arms bazaar, having been looted from US and Nato convoys. But if our army doesn’t want to buy the locally available goggles, could I ask them to consider fighting during the day, at least?

When you next drive past the looming shell of the Hyatt Regency, spare a thought for what might have been.

Iqbal Bano…dasht e tanhaye main…..

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iqbal-bano_small3Renowned singer of ‘ghazal’ and ‘thumri’ Iqbal Bano has passed away, Geo news reported on Tuesday.

She won the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz (Pride of Performance) medal in 1974 for her contributions to the world of Pakistani music.

She sang several famous ghazals of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Nasir Kazmi and Ahmed Faraz.

She was considered a specialist in singing the works of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. She has given such musical relevance to the ghazals of Faiz, that Bano and Faiz are apparently inseparable in popular imagination.

Bano roused a strong crowd of 50,000 people in Lahore by singing Faiz passionate Urdu nazm, “Hum Dekhenge.”

Bano was brought up and raised in Delhi. She was musically talented, with a sweet and appealing voice. From a young age, Bano developed a love for music. It was a crucial moment of her life when her friend’s father came forward as a votary. He told her father, “My daughters do sing reasonably well, but Iqbal is blessed in singing. She will become a big name if you begin her training.” Because of Bano’s love of music and persuasion from others, her father allowed her to study music.

In Delhi, she studied under Ustad Chaand Khan of the Delhi Gharana, an expert in all kinds of pure classical and light classical forms of vocal music. He instructed her in pure classical music and light classical music within the framework of classical forms of thumri and dadra. She was duly initiated Gaandaabandh shagird of her Ustad. He forwarded her to All India Radio, Delhi, where she sang on the radio.

In 1952, a zamindaar from Pakistan married seventeen-year-old Iqbal Bano with a promise that he would never stop her music, but try to promote her. Her fulfilled his promise until his death in 1980. After her husband passed away, Bano moved to Garden Town, Lahore. It was observed that her temperament was particularly suited to vocal genres like thumri, dadra and ghazal.

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our success lies in begging more money from the rest of the world who said self reliance and self suffeciency is important!