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Pakistan, the heaven on earth

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Commonalities and differences determine the love and hatred, there are approximately 6.5 Billion Human being inhabiting the only living planet that is called earth, not a single person exactly matches any other person in the whole wide world, and we all have our individuality that make each person distinct from the others.

God has made us humans from one father and one mother, Adam and Eves, we have different races, skin tones, languages, dialects, ethnicity  cultures, tribes, religions, sects, professions, social status, beliefs, political affiliations etc etc., which makes us distinct from any other person. The beauty of diversity in human culture is a result of combination of these elements, it’s great if we respect each other the way they are and get connected to others by finding the commonalities between ourselves and others, the world can only be a peaceful place by relating otherwise it can become hell.

Not even identical twins are totally the similar you can find a mole on the face of one of them and start hating him.

Look around the world that we are living in today, how much of hatred and killing is going on in the name of these difference. Let’s talk about our country now, in Pakistan there are people who will say that we are Pakistanis from the past 65 years, Muslim from a few hundred years but Punjabi, Pathan, Sindhi, Balochi, Saraiki, Kashmiri etc from thousands of year, there are others who will say that they are better as they belong to a particular religious belief, it’s not bad to be proud of being what you are, the problem begins when you start considering others inferior to you and hating them for what they are, why do we forget that God made us humans first, it’s important to become a human being rather than just wearing a title of a specific political, religious, national, linguistic identity.

To take Pakistan forward the people of this nation has to shed these petty differences and start respecting each others as humans, don’t worry about the believes of others as you will not be judged on their believes or acts, God will only question you about your own acts.

Look at the sorry state that we are in these days, our country is on the brink of collapse, there is a complete absence of harmony, respect among groups, institutions, different believes, our youth’s biggest pastime these days is to share hate material against their rivals in terms of politics, religions, sects, believes, even the jokes they share are against others, no matter it’s a video or audio clip, a picture, a thought, or a joke, it is meant to hurt others feeling in one way or other. We don’t just hate people of different backgrounds in Pakistan but also other nations and religions, we share our hateful thoughts not only in our social circles but on social forums like Tweeter, Facebook, Youtube etc.

God has bestowed His blessings on our country, we have the largest irrigational system which means there is no shortage of food and water, we have the most magnificent mountains which are full of minerals, be it desert, rivers, sea, mountains, glaciers, we have it all in our land. The only things that we don’t have are trust, peace, positivity and respect, which all come from education.

Can we all resort to make the heaven that God has given us to live an example of harmony and development for others to follow?

Let’s be better human beings and be respectful to others, let’s start it from ourselves, let’s begin it by applying these rules on us first as charity begins from home. Remember if we all do a little, we can do a lot!