One world one game lets all play some football!!!

There is a lot of Oley Oley in the air, many hearts have been broken, many will be broken eventually in the coming days as we are heading to the final stages of FIFA 2010 football world cup.

Every team has tried to there best to outplay there opponents and despite a few wrong decisions by the referees the whole world cup has remained fair and catchy with the favourite teams making there way to the quarter finals.

Until now it’s Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Ghana, Holland and Uruguay who have secured there places for the next stage, tonight matches will decide the fate for Paraguay, Japan, Spain and Portugal.

In my opinion Spain has better chances to run over Portugal and Japan can outplay Paraguayans.

So according to my theory it would be Argentina, Brazil, Ghana and Spain in the semis and we can witness a major upset in that pressure cooker final games and who knows it can be the under dogs Ghana who can lift the cup and make the African continent proud with their power play, but more then that I would say it’s Argentina who has displayed superb play so far and deserve to win this event, Maradona boys have played like champions so far! Go Messi Go 😀 yes your guess is right I am barracking for Argentina in this world cup totally dazzled by the many great moves they have made in the field so far, although Messi has unfortunately  remained goalless despite all the many great dodging and passing but his performance has remained 5-star, shortly Argentina will lift the cup but lets see and enjoy every remaining moment of FIFA 2010..


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